Instructions for mobile phones (Java enabled)

Whether or not the module will work on your phone depends upon several factors. For example, your phone must support Java applications (files which end with .jar). We recommend downloading the files you need first to your computer and then using a cable or Bluetooth to send them to your phone.

First: Decide which version (CARS-3, CARST-3 or CARSА-3) of the translation you want to download.

Second: Decide how many pieces you need the file broken into. The size of the file which contains the entire Holy Scriptures is under 2MB. However, some phones are unable to work with files of that size. Therefore we offer modules in tow or four pieces. We advise trying to install the largest file first and only if it does not work, attempting to use the smaller ones.

Third: The file which you will download is a zip file. After you decompress it, you will find files with extensions jar and jad. In most cases you only need o use the .jar files. However, sometimes the .jad files are needed as well. We suggest installing only the .jar file, but if that does not work, try sending the .jad file to your phone.

Also note: If you find these modules useful, you may want to pass them on to your friends directly from your phone. In order to do that use a usb-cable and pu the necessary files from the computer in the folder “Other” or «Прочее», in your phone. From that location you can send them to your friends via Bluetooth.

If the files are in the “Other” file in your phone, you can give a  friend the ability to pass them on if yours phones use the same memory cards. You can do this as follows:

  1. put the .jar and .jad files in the “Other” folder in your phone’s memory (so that when you remove the memory card, the information stays on the phone);
  2. take the memory card out of your phone and insert your friend’s card into your phone;
  3. copy the files from your phone’s memory to your friend’s memory card;
  4. give your friend back the memory card which now should have the files copied onto it. Now both of your phones should be able to pass these files on to others via Bluetooth.