Other sites of Interest

  1. Russian description »
    • www.poiskistini.org - This site offers a short video (in many languages) which summarizes the message preached by all the ancient prophets, as well as a 15 lesson course, introducing the student to the Holy Scriptures.
    • http://emmaus-ca.net/ - Emmaus Central Asia. Lessons for understanding the Holy Scriptures.
    • www.iman.kurse.ru - An on-line fifteen-lesson Russian language course on the Holy Scriptures. The site itself declares "The goal of this course is to help everyone who would like to more about the true God and to learn what The Most High has revealed to us about Himself in the Holy Scriptures".
  2. Multi language description »
  3. Adyghe description »
  4. Azeri description »
    • www.yeniheyat.com - Comprehensive site with many spiritual resources in the Azeri language.
    • İsa Məsihin Yolu - Site with 50 studies from the teachings of Isa found in the Injil. Downloadable pdf files in Azeri, Russian, Russian for Central Asia, English, and other languages.
    • xosxeber.com - Videos, the Scriptures, and other resources in Azeri
    • isaradio.org/ - radio programs in Azeri
  5. Crimean Tatar description »
    • http://yol.at.ua/ - This is a site that has the New Testament and other resources in the Crimean Tatar language.
  6. Kazakh description »
    • Kieлi Kiтaп - Holy Scriptures in Kazakh.
    • Tabisu.kz - Light in the East Kazakh site. Wide variety of spiritual resources.
    • www.kudai.kz - Videos, articles, songs, testimonies, and much more.
    • www.tabysty-omir.org - This site in the Kazakh language is devoted to helping people find success in life by applying the wisdom found in the Holy Scriptures. There are articles on topics such as raising children, balancing the demands of work and family, handling money, dealing with stress, and so on
  7. Kyrgyz description »
  8. Tadjik description »
    • isoimaseh.com - This is a Tajik language website which has many spiritual resources.
    • www.dardidil.com - A wide range of material on spiritual topics including video, audio, and written formats.
  9. For Tatars description »
    • http://tatar-injil.ru/ - Tatarstan based Russian language site with links to many Tatar language spiritual resources such as songs, videos, and the Holy Scriptures.
  10. Turkmen description »
    • www.turkmenhh.org - Articles, poems, books, videos, links to the Holy Scriptures (both audio and written) and many other resources in the Turkmen language.
  11. Uighur description »
    • http://yengihayat.com - Site in Latin and Arabic script Uighur with a wide variety of resources including Scripture, video, audio, and music.
    • http://www.eysa.kz - Cyrillic script Uighur site with audio and video lessons, devotional teachings, and other resources.
    • www.umkj.org - Holy Scriptures in Arabic script Uighur
    • www.uyghur-radio.org - radio programs in Uighur
    • www.uyghurradio.org - radio programs in Uighur
    • www.dunyaningnuri.com - Comprehensive Uighur language site in Cyrillic, Latin, old Pinyin-Latin, and Arabic scripts. Two translations of the Holy Scriptures, audio, downloadable music and lyrics with chords, and much more.
    • www.ewemuz.org - Uighur music site
    • www.hayatnuri.com - Arabic script Uighur website
  12. Uzbek description »
  13. Dungan description »
    • http://dungan-injil.com/ Site includes Dungan langauge audio material teaching the basics of the Holy Scriptures, videos on spiritual topics in Dungan (and Central Asian Russian), links to the Scriptures in Dungan and Central Asian Russian and written Russian language answers to frequently asked spiritual questions.