1) About 2 weeks ago I received my order of 100 CARS Scriptures. Since then I’ve been meeting with my Kazak friends (at work and other places) and have been giving these Scriptures to them. It is unbelievable the positive response that I have been receiving from these books.

For example, eight years ago, we gave my friend a Kazak Scripture portion, but he could not read it. We had also given him a traditional Russian Bible, but he was afraid to read that. You should have seen his face when we gave him the CARS Holy Book! We explained that it was portions from the Scripture, and when he saw the cover and first few pages, he had an immediate attraction to it and started reading. He thanked my wife and me profusely for giving him the book! It is unbelievable the difference in reactions between the CARS Scripture and the other Scriptures we’ve tried.

I met a Kazakh student who told me that he had become a believer three years ago. I asked him how that happened, and he said that a friend had brought him to a Russian-speaking church and he received Christ. They gave him a usual Russian Bible and he took it home. When his mother saw it, she became very angry, threw it out, and forbid him to go to any church. I gave him a copy of the “Holy Scriptures” and told him to show it to his mother. She not only did not throw it out, she read it herself and shortly become a believer. Whenever I see her she gives me a big hug and thanks me for bringing her family to Christ..

2) A Kazakh man who has been a believer for years says he really likes CARS. He says this translation is easier to understand than the old Russian. Although he went to Kazakh school, he developed the habit of reading in Russian as well as Kazakh, because there were more Russian language books available. He testifies that he discovered some new truths through reading CARS.

3) I recently gave a copy of the Holy Scriptures to a student at a Muslim seminary. He immediately knew what it was and made sure that he washed his hands before touching it. He was very grateful and anxious to read it.

4) Ibrahim considers himself an atheist and his wife considers herself a Muslim. After attending our study twice we gave them a copy of the CARS Bible. He started reading it and in the first two weeks had read through 1 Samuel. He has been especially excited to read about his namesake – the prophet Ibrahim. He also has an uncle named Musa, so he feels this book helps him learn about the prophets that he and his relatives are named after.