1) Two or three years ago, I learned that this book was being prepared, so I am glad to see that it is already published. This work is necessary because most Central Asians understand Russian better than their mother tongue. I think that by employing the Central Asian forms of names and terms, we will remove a serious obstacle--the thought that the Bible is for Russians only and only the Qu’ran is for Muslims.

2) I have a Kyrgyz friend who calls himself a “shamanist”, a worshipper of Tengri. One time I showed him the only copy I had of the CARS Holy Scriptures and he really wanted to get one for himself. I told him I did not think they were available in our area, but that I would try to find one for him. One month later I was surprised when he asked me “When will you give me the present I asked for, the Holy Scriptures?”

3) A Kyrgyz professor told me that she had tried to read the Russian Bible several times, but every time she gave up after a few pages “because it was too complicated”. Since she got CARS she has been avidly reading it.