1) Thank you for the very valuable gift, the translation of the Holy Scriptures, and thank you for publishing this excellent work. Both the translation and the design are very good. The text is easy to understand. It is a very important work for our nationalities.

2) A Crimean Tatar believer has received a copy of CARS and is getting great response to it from those he works among.

3) In southern Kyrgyzstan, an old Tatar grandmother, when she was given a copy of CARS God’s Way, expressed her heartfelt thanks saying "I have been waiting many years to read a book like this. I will probably be holding this book when I die!" Although she has not died yet, she is "holding the book" most of the time. She is beaming with new information about Old Testament figures and Jesus. She has not yet made the big step of faith, but she is already excitedly telling her Kyrgyz friends about events from Isa's life.

Among the Tatars of Kazan:

4) The people that I have had contact with have really received cars well. One lady asked for a few copies to give to her relatives who did not read Tatar. She read part of it & said it was great. Another good friend of mine got one for his wife. She speaks both languages but reads better in Russian. She also commented on how easy it was to understand.