Soon after Ramadan started, my Uighur friend came to our office. He asked me if I had a Russian Taurat for his meditations, as his literary Uighur and Arabic were not very strong. Without waiting for my reply, he went to my bookshelf and pulled a black book out, which turned out to be the Russian Bible. It had a gold cross on the cover, which looked very intimidating. He looked inside briefly, and then with a disappointed look gave it back to me. “No, no, that’s not the Taurat,” he said. I explained that the Taurat is the first five books of the Old Testament written by Moses and that this Bible contained it, but he was not satisfied.

Then I remembered that I had a copy of the CARS Scriptures. I told him I might have just the thing for him, so I pulled out the CARS Scripture and gave it to him. Seeing the green and gold cover, he took it reverently and with a pleased look. He opened it and saw the word Taurat and the text in a Russian that he could understand. He closed the book and said, “Yes, this is it. Can I borrow it?” I replied, “You can have it.” He was very pleased as he walked out with the Taurat in Russian.