1) In our minds the Christian faith was always Russian. When Christians used certain words, there was always a connection in our minds with drinking alcohol at funerals, worshipping Mary, and crossing oneself. If we were to use their words and their translation of the Book, our people would think that we had become Russian. We desperately needed a book that was not immediately rejected because of those words.

2) Radio broadcasts expounding the CARS Scriptures are changing lives:

Not long ago I started listening to your broadcast “The Path to Truth”. I really like it. The discussions you broadcast woke me out of a deep stupor and gave me hope and belief in the truth. Thank-you.

3) They love the books in Uzbekistan and wish they could have hundreds.

4) With great pleasure and satisfaction I am reading the new translation. It is so easy to understand! I am deeply touched by your concern for people who desire to really understand the Scriptures.

Although he loves CARS, this man is eagerly awaiting the day when he can read the Holy Scriptures in his mother tongue, Uzbek.