1. The Way of the Most High description »

    The story of mankind from Creation to the end of the World.

  2. Isa description »

    Film about the life of Isa based on Luke’s account.

  3. Woman, why are you crying? description »

    "You no longer need to live in fear and shame" In this film Mariam from Magdala acts both as narrator and participant in this human drama. She tells of changes in her life, of miracles, of the renewal of hope, and of her new attitude towards people. All of these things she learned from Isa.

  4. Korban description »

    Video about a young man from a Tatar village who is looking for hope, meaning in life, and peace for his soul. In the end, he finds the right path and also the true meaning of the Korban Holiday. Uses “Allah” for God.

  5. My Last Day description »

    "My Last Day" is a short film of regret, repentance and redemption that frames the story of salvation using Japanese-style animation to capture the attention of a new generation.

  6. Video Series "Thirsty Hearts" description »

    A serial of about 30 episodes made for television, set in Egypt.

  7. Video Series "More than Dreams" description »

    A series of five video testimonies describing how Isa al-Masih appeared in dreams to call people to the truth.

    Dini (Indonesia)

    Mohammed (Nigeria)

    Khalil (Egypt)

    Ali (Turkey)

    Khosrow (Iran)


  8. The Story of Isa through children’s eyes description »

    This is the story of the life of Isa, as children living in the first century would have experienced it. Follow the lives of Benjamin, Caleb, Sarah, Joel, Leah, and Nathan around 30 AD. Listen to their stories about the man from Nazareth, Who healed the sick and raised the dead. See how they struggle to understand the significance of what they were experiencing. Some of their parents came to believe that Isa is the Son of the Most High while other parents furiously opposed that idea. While standing in the midst of the crowds, the children carefully watch Isa, so as not to miss anything that That Man, Who loved them so, would do.

  9. Prophet’s Story description »

    The Prophets' Story takes us on a journey through the lives of several prophets and highlights their common message of redemption by sacrifice.